Night of the First Day

I haven’t had as much time for folding the last few days, but even when I’m swamped I always find time to get some folding in.

Nham Van Son’s Two-Headed Dragon is still coming along nicely.  I know myself well enough to recognize when I’m getting impatient with a piece and need to step back from it, but it’s so close that there’s no way I can leave it alone much longer.

In the mean time, I’ve been focusing on my Zelda challenge.  While I did a first draft of all three masks right away, I plan to really fine tune them one at a time from now on.  So for now, I present my Deku Mask v2.0:

unnamedunnamed (1)Deku_Mask

As I mentioned last time, I wanted to be sure I got the three leaves on this run.  And in my opinion that alone brings this piece much closer to its source material.  I had to make some compromises with the snout, and the whole piece is much smaller over all, but things are definitely moving in the right direction.  With some quality paper and some good wetfolding, I think I could make this a presentable Deku Mask as it is.  But I know that with a few more adjustments to the technical aspect I’ll be able to do even better with the artistic element.  When following somebody else’s diagrams, you’re obviously done when you reach the end of the instructions.  But when designing, you can always take it one step further.  I have faith that I’ll know that line when I cross it, but I feel confident I haven’t gotten there with this piece just yet.

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